April 19th was the date and if you did not attend there is no doubt that you will be at this fantastic event next year, as this definitely will be an annual event. A word of advice – get your tickets when they go on sale because this was a wildly popular event! Mark your calendar for Thursday, April 11, 2019 for this year’s event!

Excited guests began arriving early to peruse one-hundred stunning pieces of beautifully displayed art and mark their favorites in their programs. This way they could be organized and ready when their number was called to claim their art. Everyone was able to choose and leave with a piece of art they chose when their number was called, and there was a great deal of anticipation in the air!

The Knights of Columbus 631 was in its most elegant attire with beautifully decorated tables, luscious hors d’oeuvres, festive drinks, and lovely, elegant people. To make the evening even better, if such a thing could happen, the music was provided by The Fabulous
Equinox Orchestra.

Our first Martinis & Masterpieces was a fabulous event and, with the Circle of Mercy, raised over $146,000 in profits that will be used for renovations on the empty convent, new computers and technology for 2018 – 2019, and give financial aid to students.

Our sincere gratitude goes out to our amazing SVA alumnae who helped in fundraising for the event.
A huge thank you to: Mary Katherine Shearouse Alexander ’99, Katherine DeLoach Benton ’00,
Maureen Prouty Cole ’05, Bridget Russo Moore ’86, Diane Ciucevich Parker ’87, Cynthia Roughen
Powers ’82, Anna Ferraro Salter ’82, Sarah Cannon Sink ’92, Brianna Foran Welch ’00, and Bernadette McDonough Winters ’64.