Tuition, Financial Aid & Scholarships

Participating Catholic Parishioners (Billed through Blackbaud Tuition Management) $10,525/year

Families that support the Catholic Church spiritually and materially are eligible for this rate. Each Catholic Family must obtain a Diocese of Savannah Participating Parishioner Card from their pastor to qualify. Catholic families with more than one daughter attending SVA are eligible for a 2nd daughter tuition rate reduction of 20%.

Non-Catholic/Inactive Parishioners (Billed through Blackbaud Tuition Management) $12,730/year

Non-participating Catholics and families of other faiths will be charged this rate.

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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Information

The Finance Office of St. Vincent’s Academy handles all financial transactions for the school, including tuition and financial aid. The tuition rate is established each year by the SVA School Board at their fall meeting. Tuition can be paid in full by July 1st (which qualifies for a discount) or it can be paid monthly (10 payments), quarterly or semi-annually through the BLACKBAUD TUITION Management Program.

In order to receive the Catholic tuition rate, a Participating Parishioner Card must first be received by the SVA Admissions Office. Financial Aid is issued based on the information that parents provide on the SMART Aid application. All Financial Aid applications must be submitted each year by March 1st. Parents will be notified in May regarding the status of their application.

For more information, please call the Finance Office at 912-226-1716.

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Tuition Assistance 2024-2025

**IMPORTANT: Blackbaud Financial Aid will not be accepting applications until October 15, 2023. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY UNTIL AFTER OCTOBER 15, 2023.


Tuition Assistance must be applied for each year and is awarded based on the financial need calculated from the Blackbaud Financial Application. Applications must be submitted online at using school code 11665. The completed application, along with the processing fee and all required paperwork must be submitted directly to Blackbaud Financial Aid by March 1, 2024. St. Vincent’s Academy will notify those who applied for tuition assistance of the award status in the spring.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

The generosity of our alumni, friends and the Sisters of Mercy helps us to achieve our goal of making a St. Vincent’s Academy education affordable for those who want the best for their daughters. St. Vincent’s Academy utilizes the services of Blackbaud Financial Aid to determine financial need. The Blackbaud Financial Aid Application is returned directly to the company, not the school, and must include all the required paperwork and processing fee. Only one Blackbaud Financial Aid Application per family should be completed each year.

GRACE Scholarship Program

Students who are/were enrolled in a Georgia public school for the 2022-23 school year and who have a demonstrated financial need may qualify for tuition assistance through the GRACE Scholarship Program. The dollar amount of the award varies based on financial need and must be applied for each year. Applicants must complete both the GRACE Scholarship Application and the Blackbaud Financial Aid Application. Please click here for the Grace Scholars Checklist. 


Diocesan Financial Aid

The Savannah Diocese offers financial aid to who have a demonstrated financial need. The Blackbaud Smart Aid Application and all paperwork must be submitted by March 1, 2024.

Sibling Discounts

Sibling discounts of 20% are applied to the 2nd daughter enrolled at St. Vincent’s Academy.

Parish Assistance

Many parishes offer tuition assistance to registered, active parishioners who are enrolled at St. Vincent’s Academy. Check availability and procedures with your pastor.


*****PLEASE NOTE*****

McAuley and Principal Scholarships have specific criteria and timelines.

Please refer to the specific scholarship for information.

We ask that all applications for the McAuley Scholarship be dropped off to St. Vincent’s Academy or emailed to by the specified date on the form. Please direct any questions to Thank you.

The McAuley Scholarship

All applications for the McAuley Scholarship must be received by 1:30 pm on February 14th. Applications can be dropped off to the school to the attention of: President, Mary Anne Hogan or emailed to Thank you.

Value: $5,000/each (One Incoming 9th Grader Chosen in Each Category)

The McAuley Scholarship Program at St. Vincent’s Academy is a new and exciting scholarship program set up to reward students who excel in specific areas with substantial scholarship awards that are earned in respective areas of excellence.

  • One scholarship will be awarded in each category of academics, leadership, service and the arts for a total of four scholarships awarded to incoming freshmen next year.
  • These scholarships are renewable for each year the student attends St. Vincent’s Academy if they continue to meet scholarship criteria by excelling in their field of excellence. The scholarship is named after Catherine McAuley who founded the Sisters of Mercy in 1831.

Requirements and Application:
In order to earn one of these scholarships, a student must display outstanding proven excellence in academics, leadership, service or outstanding ability in the arts.

Each of these scholarships requires:

  • McAuley scholarship application
  • essay, video, journal or other creative display showcasing supporting evidence of the student’s strengths and why they should be chosen for the scholarship
  • a letter of recommendation from a teacher, coach or adult mentor
  • completion of the SVA Placement Test
  • completion of the SVA application process

The placement test and application to SVA must also be completed by February 14 to qualify for McAuley scholarships.

The application deadline is Wednesday, February 14, at 1:30pm via drop off or email to Recipients will be announced at the beginning of March.

A student may apply in multiple categories but must provide different supporting documentation and can only be chosen in one category.

Download the application.

The Principal’s Merit Scholarship

Value: $1,000/each (One Incoming 9th Grader Awarded from each of our Four Feeder Schools and One Public School student)

The Principal’s Merit Scholarship at St. Vincent’s Academy provides scholarship to academically gifted students who achieve the top score in their school on SVA’s placement test. Students from each of our four feeder schools and one public school student who score the highest on St. Vincent’s Academy’s Placement Test will be awarded $1,000 to be used towards SVA tuition during their Freshman year. Feeder schools for St. Vincent’s Academy include: Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, Hancock Day School, St. James Catholic School and St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School. You do not need to apply for this scholarship as it is automatically awarded to the top tester from these schools.

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