For more than a century, St. Vincent’s Academy has continued the tradition of providing a rigorous academic and religious program that is tailored to the needs of our students and prepares them for higher education.


The tradition of excellence in athletics is an important part of life at St. Vincent’s Academy. SVA teams consistently rank among the best in state competition. Our students can choose to participate in more than ten different sports.

Student Life

We believe strongly that a complete education includes experiences outside of academics. St. Vincent’s Academy offers a variety of clubs and service activities to allow our students to explore their interests and give back to the community.


“Attending St. Vincent’s prepared me for the University of Georgia in many ways. One of the most meaningful lessons I learned at SVA was how to become the type of person who is willing to jump right into things, whether it is academic, service, or leadership based. Since coming to the University of Georgia I have felt prepared for the rigor of college level courses because of what I learned in high school about time management and work ethic. After countless services hours earned at St. Vincent’s, I still seek service opportunities as a college student. I am currently involved in many community outreach programs, including after school tutoring sessions, multiple fundraising clubs that benefit people who have speech and hearing impairments, and a food bank that provides food to children in the Athens area who would otherwise go without. St. Vincent’s has always taught their students the value of being involved in the community, and the importance of having a heart for service. A critical aspect of being a leader is being confident, and St. Vincent’s is known for graduating confident, independent women who lead. I feel that I am capable of being a leader both in and out of the classroom. Even in small cases, like group projects for school, it feels natural to be in a position of leadership, a trait that I know I acquired in high school. Overall, SVA taught me what it means to be a person of substance both in academia and in other areas of life. The lessons I learned in those four years have contributed to my success as a college student.”

Kate Lisicia, c/o 2016

““After a fun, crazy year of hard work as a Freshman at University of Georgia, I am happy to say that I successfully maneuvered my way through the transition from high school to college. St. Vincent’s prepared me in many ways – I knew how to study, how to prepare for tests, and had the confidence to communicate with teachers when needed. I joined Alpha Phi sorority and was more than prepared for involvement in a community of girls after four years at an all-girl’s Catholic high school. It was easy to find organizations and service groups to get involved with because it was such an important part of my life before UGA. I am grateful to St. Vincent’s and my parents for making this dream to be a Bulldawg possible.”

Addie Coleman, c/o 2017

“During my sophomore year at SVA, I decided to become an Aerospace Engineer. Since Georgia Tech has the #2 ranked Aerospace Engineering program in the country, Tech became my dream school. Fortunately, St. Vincent’s Academy was the perfect vehicle by which I could achieve this dream. I received a great mathematics education, allowing me to test out of the first college level Calculus course and preparing me for subsequent challenging math based engineering courses. I also received a stellar Literary and Grammatical education which, combined with Latin, taught me to critically analyze and solve the puzzle of language. These skills ultimately helped me write technical documents for school and for my internships at GE Aviation. After completing my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Aerospace Engineering, I accepted a position with The Boeing Corporation in Charleston, SC.

SVA was the essential first step to my career. SVA prepared me spiritually and academically to persevere through the rigorous academics at Georgia Tech. The lessons and skills I learned at SVA continue to serve me well as I become a “woman who leads” at the largest Aerospace company in the world.


Stephanie MacLeod Yount, c/o 2010