Parents Play Crucial Role in Helping Students Achieve Success

Study: Parents Play Crucial Role in Helping Students Achieve Success

As educators and parents, we all want what is best for our kids and each one of us has a very important role.  Parents, administrators, coaches and players can create a memorable season and career by supporting the athletes, the team and the coaches.  Commitment, teamwork and sportsmanship are always a top priority in St. Vincent’s Athletics and we can work together to help our athletes be successful in every aspect of their life.

Highlights from the article by William O’Neil, Ph.D.:

·         The scope of athletic programs has shifted from broad participation to focused competition

·         Playing time is no longer divided equally

·         Team experience demands a bigger commitment from players, parents and coaches

·         School based athletics is meant to be educational

·         Parents should model a behavior they want to see in their children

·         Parents should cheer for their child, not against the opponent and accept victory or defeat with grace

·         Parents should allow their children their own athletic experience

·         Parents should reinforce what it means to be a team mate

·         Children should be encouraged to be advocates for themselves

·         Coaches and athletes should communicate clearly and often

·         Parents should encourage their child to participate in more than one sport

·         Multi-sport athletes develop more physical, interpersonal and intellectual skills

·         Competition is defined as: “to seek with” NOT “to seek against”