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Purchase your T-Shirts in support of Kayla Roberts today! All proceeds will support Kayla’s family. Thank you for your support!

Kayla is an 18 year old Senior at St. Vincent’s Academy. She has a huge heart and infectious laugh.  She is loved by many, many people!

Kayla was admitted to Memorial Hospital on November 24th, 2022.  Shortly after arriving to the hospital, Kayla was put on a ventilator and ECMO.  Kayla tested positive for Covid, Flu, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and MRSA.  Her lungs are very fragile and after many setbacks, Memorial decided it was time for Kayla to go to a more advanced hospital that could support and improve her health.   On December 4th Kayla was transported via ambulance to Emory Medical Center in Atlanta.  The medical team is assessing Kayla and building a plan to help Kayla pull through this as quickly and safely as possible.  This journey will be long.  Once Kayla is healthy enough to leave the hospital, she will require physical therapy to learn to walk again.  Kayla is one of three children and her mom has had to leave work to be by her side every step of the way. Any help will relieve a tremendous amount of stress and worry. All proceeds from shirt sales will benefit Kayla’s family. Thank you for your support!

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Purchase your T-Shirts in support of Kayla Roberts today! All proceeds will support Kayla’s family. Thank you for your support!

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