For more than a century, St. Vincent’s Academy has continued the tradition of providing a rigorous academic and religious program that is tailored to the needs of our students and prepares them for higher education.


The tradition of excellence in athletics is an important part of life at St. Vincent’s Academy. SVA teams consistently rank among the best in state competition. Our students can choose to participate in more than ten different sports.

Student Life

We believe strongly that a complete education includes experiences outside of academics. St. Vincent’s Academy offers a variety of clubs and service activities to allow our students to explore their interests and give back to the community.


“St. Vincent’s allows young women to grow spiritually, intellectually, and socially.  The strong educational and moral tradition at St. Vincent’s has served as a foundation for me in my professional and personal life directing me towards a life focused on service to the community, devotion to family, and faith in God.  The lessons I learned at St. Vincent’s are still guiding principles in my daily life.  The sisterhood and friendships that I developed over the 4 years at St. Vincent’s are sources of inspiration and strength to this day.  I am forever thankful for my time at SVA.” 

Honorable Mary Kathryn Moss, c/o 1987

“When talking with others about high school, I often get strange looks when I say I went to an “all-girls” school. Many ask “Wasn’t that terrible?” My response is always the same, “Nope, it was actually amazing.” St. Vincent’s creates a sacred place for girls to become women. High school is a special time in a girl’s life, a time when she undergoes both mental and physical changes, and let’s face it, they are not always graceful. Being in a school with all girls allows you to experience these changes together, without the fear of embarrassment, without the need to impress the opposite sex. It also offers a unique learning environment, a place where it is okay to be smart, a place where students want to volunteer the answer, a place where no one is afraid to speak up, right or wrong.  I believe that attending St. Vincent’s Academy provides the foundation for girls to become confident individuals who are capable of anything, and know it!”

Stephanie Tootle, MD, c/o 2005

“St. Vincent’s Academy prepared me to lead and serve as a woman committed to educational excellence. More importantly, my time at SVA has stilled a deeper sense of compassion and dedication to serving my community, especially as it pertains to women’s issues. As a lifelong SVA Saint, I constantly strive to make the teachers and the Sisters of Mercy proud of my work, no matter the physical distance between me and the halls of SVA. The spirit and values of SVA live on through generations of women, and I am proud to be a part of this amazing legacy of outstanding women.”

Christina Yao, Ph.D., c/o 1996