We are thrilled to welcome you to experience the unique atmosphere of St. Vincent’s Academy. We are happy to guide you through our admissions process, and we are always available to answer your questions and concerns. 

Why Choose an All-Girls School?

The benefits of an all-girls school versus a traditional co-ed school are many and have lasting impacts throughout a student’s life and career. Our students are surrounded by role models: every top scholar, team captain and student council leader is a girl. An all-girls school also focuses on girls’ distinct learning style and responds to constantly evolving research on the learning differences between girls and boys.

  • Our students receive personalized attention, nurturing, and encouragement.
  • Instruction is custom-tailored to students’ needs and abilities.
  • We provide an environment for intellectual exploration, free of cultural stereotypes and unhealthy social distractions that can be inherent in coeducational dynamics.
  • Girls become more involved in the classroom because they are less concerned about embarrassment or failure.
  • Our students are more likely to explore traditionally male-dominated areas of academics and extracurricular activities.
  • Girls are challenged to put aside gender norms and step into positions of leadership.
  • Studies show students who attend all-girls schools score higher on the SAT, are more interested in graduate school, and have higher academic self-confidence than female students who attend traditional co-ed schools.
  • Students who attend all-girls schools arrive at college more confident in their math and computer skills and show greater interest in engineering careers, according to studies.
  • Graduates of all-girls schools report they are more likely to participate in student clubs or groups in college and are more politically engaged.

Though detractors claim that girls’ schools do not prepare girls for the “real world”, research continues to validate the advantages of single-sex education for girls. Many studies cite higher test scores and superior reading, writing, and science skills.

Reports also demonstrate that all-girls’ schools produce more math and science college majors, more graduates who obtain doctorate degrees, and more graduates who pursue careers in STEM fields. Young women leave girls’ schools with the tools and confidence necessary for academic and personal success in college and beyond.

Financial Information

The Finance Office of St. Vincent’s Academy handles all financial transactions for the school, including tuition and financial aid. The tuition rate is established each year by the SVA School Board at their fall meeting. Tuition can be paid in full by July 1st (which qualifies for a discount) or it can be paid monthly (10 payments), quarterly or semi-annually through the BLACKBAUD TUITION Management Program.

In order to receive the Catholic tuition rate, a Participating Parishioner Card must first be received by the SVA Admissions Office. Financial Aid is issued based on the information that parents provide on the SMART Aid application. All Financial Aid applications must be submitted each year by March 1st. Parents will be notified in May regarding the status of their application.

For more information, please call the Finance Office at 912-226-1716.

  • Tuition and Payment Plans
  • Financial Aid
  • Grace Scholars

Student Shadow Request Forms

“We looked at several schools but St. Vincent’s was definitely the right choice – it was the best thing we ever did.  Our daughter was not meeting with much success where she was and was always stressed.  But at St. Vincent’s she got more attention – they really cared about her there.  And her personality came out.  Her whole personality changed for the better.  She’s made wonderful lifelong friends, she got a great education, she’s going on to college – she’s a happy, well-adjusted child.  I don’t know if all of this would have happened had she gone somewhere else.  We just had such a positive experience.”
– Sally Minis, parent of Peggy Minis, Class of 2005

If this sounds like the environment you’ve been looking for to enrich your daughter’s life, then we invite you and your daughter to get a first-hand look at SVA. Come join a school tour with one of our staff member alumnae and let your daughter get the full experience of a day in the life of an SVA student. We want you to get a glimpse of the special sisterhood our girls, past, present, and future, enjoy.

If you are interested in having your daughter shadow a student at St. Vincent’s Academy, please complete and sign our Student Shadow Request form online below and read through the Student Shadow Policy (yellow box below.)  DON’T FORGET TO CLICK THE LINK TO SIGN UP FOR A SHADOW DAY AFTER FILLING OUT THE FORM. THIS ALLOWS YOU TO SELECT A DATE. THANK YOU.  Questions? Call Connell Youmans at (912) 226.1749 or email connell.youmans@svaga.net. Click here to sign up for a shadow day![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Student Shadow Policy


Admissions Events


  • Due to COVID-19 we will not be offering school visitation/experience days.  We will be offering 8th grade students a shadow day.


  • Sunday, November 7, 2021 in our Gym/Walsh Hall. Please sign up for the Nov. 7 Open House by clicking here.
  • Sunday, January 9, 2022 in our Gym/Walsh Hall.
  • Sunday, May 1, 2022 in our Gym/Walsh Hall.

HIGH SCHOOL PLACEMENT TESTS dates and registration:

Go to this link https://www.svaga.net/admissions/application-reenroll/

Transfer Students

At St. Vincent’s, we have your student’s best interest in mind. We understand transferring to a new school can be a daunting process. Our staff will work closely with you to make the process as smooth as possible and to help answer any questions you may have.

We do not accept Senior transfers.

For more information, please call Ms. Dawn Odom at 912-226-1767.

Uniform Policy

All Uniforms are Purchased at Bahama Joe’s; (Chorus Vest may be purchased from A1 Uniforms).
Freshman PE/Gym uniforms will be available for purchase at Bahama Joe’s.

The uniform code covers the required uniform articles as well as the manner in which they are worn. Students in violation of this uniform code either receive infractions or borrow regulation items from the office. Students are required to keep their uniforms in order at all times during school.

The uniform code is the personal responsibility of each student and her parents. We have made sincere efforts to allow for the varying temperatures on the campus and expect all students to comply with all uniform regulations. It is our hope that parents will see to it that the girls have the necessary pieces of the uniform and that the students will maintain a neat and orderly appearance while in uniform.

Uniform Policy