St. Vincent’s Academy believes strongly that education extends beyond books and the classroom. We nurture our students by encouraging them to explore their interests and develop leadership skills through the many different clubs and activities offered here.


“As long as you did it for the least of my people, you did it for me.” — Jesus Christ

“The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.” — Gandhi

Service to those in need is at the heart of the mission of the Sisters of Mercy.  Our students follow in the footsteps of the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, Catherine McAuley, and SERVE.

The goal at SVA is to enable students to develop the habit of giving their time, talent and resources that will carry over into adult life. “Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy …when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.”

Student leaders organize responses to a variety of local, national, and international organizations and events. Students are asked to participate in a minimum of 20 hour service hours per year.  Students who complete this requirement will receive a service seal on their diploma at graduation.

Eligibility for National Honor Society membership is a minimum of 100 hours if applying as a Junior and 150 hours if applying as a Senior.  See Catherine Richie for service opportunities or for more information.  Email:

Click Here to Download Community Service Report Form


Part of the St. Vincent’s Academy philosophy includes encouraging our students to explore their interests beyond academics. Our teachers and staff believe strongly that our students experience many benefits by participating in activities outside the classroom.

Club events are scheduled two times per month throughout the school year. Many of these clubs participate in activities beyond meeting times during school hours. Each student is asked to sign up for a first and second choice club. Preference will be given to Juniors & Seniors when the lists are full.

  • FILM
  • NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY, Excelsior Chapter


At St. Vincent’s Academy, we are dedicated to providing our students with a well-rounded education. That philosophy includes a belief in the benefits of participating in activities outside the classroom such as leadership club, constant community fundraising, chorus, guitar, service groups and much more. These activities help develop leadership skills and foster a sense of community, helping these young women to achieve their full personal potential.


Ring Day is a “passing of the torch” ceremony. It is a symbol that the current senior class is about to graduate, and that the current juniors are about to take on a new role as leaders of the school. Each junior chooses a senior to personally present her new ring. This beautiful ceremony takes place in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist every April. With the entire student body in attendence, a priest says a blessing over the new rings and the juniors who will wear them. The seniors present the rings to their juniors individually (and usually with hugs). We sing “Companions on the Journey” and “Circle of Mercy,” and our principal speaks about the meaning of the rings.

Representatives speak for the student body, the faculty and staff, and the juniors’ parents, and one junior speaks for the class to thank all in attendance.

Saint Vincent’s rings are very distinctive. The stone is blue to remind us of Mary. The Mercy Shield and SVA symbol remind us that we are part of a sisterhood that is much bigger than any of us. Our students can find alumnae all over the world wearing this ring and feel an instant connection.

Seniors often give flowers and small gifts or meaningful notes to their juniors, and some juniors also give flowers to their seniors. After the ceremony, juniors put on their new senior jerseys (to be worn backwards until the seniors graduate) and attend a reception in the SVA courtyard. The backdrop for the reception is a showcase of the year’s student artwork. During the reception, juniors walk around asking people to “turn their ring.” The tradition is that students should get their rings turned, or twisted around on their finger, as many times as the number of their graduation year. For this year’s class, their goal will be 18 turns.

Some logistics for parents: The Ring Day ceremony starts at 12:45 in the cathedral, immediately following noon mass. Please do not interrupt mass by entering the church early or talking loudly in the entrance to the cathedral. Instead, please either attend mass and participate, or wait on the steps outside until the congregation leaves. Families are permitted to bring flowers and other small gifts for their daughters into the church, but anything large or noisy (balloons, horns, etc) will be confiscated at the door and not returned. Please join us for this beautiful ceremony to celebrate your daughters!