St. Vincent’s Academy was founded on June 23, 1845, when Father Jeremiah Francis O’Neill brought six Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy from Charleston, South Carolina, to educate Savannah’s young women in the finest tradition of a Catholic educational institution.

St. Vincent’s opened on the corner of Abercorn and Liberty Streets in Savannah as a private school and orphanage, with boarding facilities added a few years later. The early curriculum included Penmanship (both plain and ornamental), Astronomy, Composition of Fiction, Sacred and Profane History, Ancient Geography, Chronology, Mythology, and Embroidery.

The early history of St. Vincent’s is intertwined with that of Savannah and the South. During the Civil War, eight year-old Maggie Davis, whose father Jefferson Davis was President of the Confederate States of America, became a student at St. Vincent’s. Her brother also came to the convent daily to recite his lessons.

In 1919, St. Vincent’s became exclusively dedicated to educating young women of high school age, offering a program centered on academics and values to prepare them for active, effective roles in the societies of their times. From the antebellum period to the present, St. Vincent’s has met the challenge of producing intellectual, responsible and compassionate women. Our thousands of alumnae have made and continue to make significant personal and professional contributions to the world.


St. Vincent’s Academy educates young women by fostering intellectual and personal growth.

We provide a Catholic atmosphere for education grounded in the tradition and spirit of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy.

We offer a college preparatory education to students of varying academic abilities.

We strive to eliminate the barriers to education imposed by socio-economic conditions.

We respect and value our students, faculty, and staff by recognizing the uniqueness of all individuals.

We encourage all members of our school community to develop and demonstrate responsibility and accountability.

We lead our students to recognize that their contributions are valued as a part of the larger society.

We challenge our students to be compassionate women who respond in service to those in need.

We believe that each student is a unique creation of God who is to be cherished, nurtured and brought to full potential.  Through a quality academic program, a caring environment, an extensive extra-curricular program, and emphasis on self-discipline and structure, St. Vincent’s strives to produce prepared, compassionate, responsible women.



We recognize the richness of working together to accomplish our goals, acknowledging each person’s unique gifts and our interdependence.

Compassion & Service

We empathize with all who are in pain, responding sensitively to their needs.

Concern for Women & Women’s Issues

We support the growth and development of young women, encouraging them to recognize their gifts, and their ability to achieve their full potential.

World Vision & Responsibility

We unite our efforts at responsible stewardship to those of all people, knowing that our actions affect all in our Global Village.

Spiritual Growth & Development

We cherish each person as the unique creation of a loving God, striving to promote religious values in an open, accepting atmosphere.


Catholic Secondary School for Girls (owned and operated by the Religious Sisters of Mercy)

9 – 12

Approximately 300

Mary Anne Hogan, Principal

Participating Catholics $9,540
Other Faiths $11,539

Located on the original 1845 site in historic downtown Savannah at the corner of Abercorn and Liberty Streets


Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 3:00pm
Friday 8:00am – 2:00pm

4 units of English; 4 units of Math; 4 units of Science; 3.5 units of Social Studies; 2 units of Foreign Language; 1.5 units of PE/HE; 1 unit of Fine Arts; 2 units of Religion; 2 units electives.
Total: 24 units for Graduation

100% college acceptance

Inter-scholastic competition in Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Riflery, Sailing, Swimming, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Track, and Volleyball.

We have thousands of curriculum related print, video and online resources, in addition to non-fiction collection which includes young adult reading materials.  We are members of the University System of Georgia GALILEO online initiative which allows our students to access over 100 subscription databases which contain over 10,000 full text journals as well as fiction and non-fiction ebooks.

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